Marketing automation, we’re sure you’re all aware of what marketing automation is, but what’s important is what it does for business. By streamlining and automating workflows and marketing tasks, you can nurture and segment leads. If your company already has a lead generation program, this helps build upon what is already being done. After capturing leads, instead of doing manual outreach, marketing automation does all of that for you and then some. It helps segment leads all while providing a great customer experience. You’re able to speak directly to that segment’s needs which improves the conversation, and you don’t have to worry about personally sending the email. In the end, companies that choose to automate lead generation see a 10% increase in revenue as little as 6-9 months.* Less spend for a higher ROI. Isn’t that the goal we’re all looking to achieve?


More Touchpoints Driving Potential Customers Through The Funnel


A 2014 Salesforce presentation, stated that “Automation users have a 53% higher conversion rate from marketing response to marketing-qualified lead than non-users.” Sending out emails in a strategic way can help engage your leads and provoke them to take action driving them further down the funnel. “Automate’ is the key word in this tactic. This process was created to help companies become more efficient. For example, drip campaigns are a series of emails for different segments. Those emails are automatically disbursed and trigger other emails based on the action the lead takes. Segments are created from your lead list and can be categorized based on lead type, where they are in the sales process, etc.


“Companies that excel at nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.”*  

Here’s where the real help comes in. If a lead takes action on a trigger in the campaign, they are automatically pushed into a different campaign that you have already created. This might be old news to you, but these campaigns have proven success rates and should be part of your marketing plan. Even if you’re already using this form of marketing, we wanted to point out all the ways automation can help. It might just spark an idea for a drip campaign you haven’t yet set in motion.


Marketing Automation Aids In:

    • Lead Nurturing
    • Post-purchase Follow-up
    • Lead Scoring and Segmentation
    • Upsell


  • Incentive or Loyalty Programs



Positive Customer Experience:


At this point, you know how this tactic can help from a resource planning and touchpoint perspective. What is just as important as the continual outreach efforts, is that these campaigns can provide a positive customer experience. This is a chance to showcase your brand and product which can be done through customized content. “By 2020 customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to humans.”* Make sure your emails speak to the customer’s needs and that lists are segmented appropriately. Automation can help some of the processes, but what goes into the emails you’re sending out, the language, the images, the personalization, are just as important. Remember, you want the customer to engage, so talk to them in a way that would spark a conversation.



These marketing efforts need a strategy, a platform, and team to help implement. If you’re looking for help and need a second set of hands to take on this task — we like to think of our services as an extension of your already existing team. Want more information? Click here.